Flappy Angry Dragon

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Play flap flying dragon game with flappy type, tap to jump and fly flying dragon to avoid pipes. Now, challenge with the best flying dragon flying game is here. Let patience to make a goal. Tap to keep the little flying dragon flapping its tiny wings. Keep the little flying dragon flapping its tiny wings by tapping on your phone screen! Don’t let the tweety flying dragon falls down or touch the pipes. This is a kind of flappy game where you have to keep the tiny flying dragon flying without touching the obstacles or falling down. It’s pretty challenging to play but it’s so addictive and fun! Could you help this cute little twitty flying dragon to stay flying through this dangerous zone? You decide! Flying flying dragon is the FREE fun and new style of flapping flying dragon game that you’ve been waiting for. The game control is simple and very responsive to make it more enjoyable to play this game. There are many other flapper games where you have to tap to keep the tiny flying dragon flapping its flying wings. So, why not try this one too! Its unlimited play game. You can play as long as you want. === FEATURES OF FLYING flying dragon - FLAPPER flying dragon GAME: === - Tap the screen to keep the flying dragon flapping its tiny wings. - Letting go means the little flying dragon will going down. - Avoid touching the pipe. - Keep playing until you fall or die. - Challenging, addictive, flapper game for all ages. - Cute, tweety flying dragon character with colorful game design - Try got high score to stay on top Google LeaderBoard. - Choose red flying dragon, blue flying dragon, green flying dragon or another flying dragon which you like from flying dragon Shop. - Watch complete Ad Video to unlock new flying dragons. - Tap to screen and try flap and jump flying dragon through pole. Tap to fly, jump the flying dragon, keep to flying and have a fun time with the Flying flying dragon - Flapper flying dragonie Game. This game is easy to play, but hard to control, let patience!. Keep on playing and tapping. Once you find the good rhythm, this game will be easier. If you keep playing, you can improve your reaction time and score as well. If you want to help the little flying dragon to keep on flying, you should keep playing this game! Download our flying dragons game today! It’s lightweight so it only needs minimal memory and battery. You can keep playing for hours and have fun whenever and wherever you are! ---, Our Flying flying dragon -